Bryan's Piano Barr
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Bryan and Janet

Bryan Barr, the owner of
Bryan's Piano Barr,” and Janet Shafer

Bryan's Piano Barr is located at 2410 Mishawaka Avenue in South Bend, IN.

Playing the piano and singing with his partner Janet is how Barr loves to spend his free time. The lucky guy gets to do this at work at his very own piano bar.

It opened in the late 1990s, but he and Janet became a team only two years ago.

As they sing the lyrics of “All that Jazz” inside the doors of Bryan's Barr, Bryan explains, “I had to use my name in the title.”

He says, “I just enjoy performing for people.”

Bryan and Janet both knew at a young age that performing was their passion.

“Instead of packing up my stuff and moving every night to a different night club, I decided to open my own,” Bryan explained.

It was here, two years ago at a fundraising event, when Bryan and Janet became a team.

“He was like ‘come up and do this song; can you do this song?’” Janet fondly recalls. “And we just met that way.”

“The times the way they are today, what most people come up and say is ‘thank you,’” Janet told us. “Your music just took us away from all these problems.”

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