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Enhance your organization or company's web image with video. Whether this is a new venture or you need to update your existing video(s) we can help. It is a proven fact that people spend more time on a web site that has video than still images. For far less than you might think you can have a professionally produced video that tells your story that will not only inform but will attract people either through your web site, web commercials, infomercials or television commercials.

We can work directly with your advertising/marketing department, your ad agency or with you personally to create your story.

Record music then film the music video!

Corporate Communication
Production Information
Market Research
Legal Depositions
Public Service
Video News Release
Live Events

Professional Producing/Video/Digital Recording/Mixing/Mastering
Video production/Video editing

 (269) 326-0736
Professional studio sound recording services for music, on location film and video production. 
Live concerts and private location multi-track all digital sound.  Flat daily rates available.
Up to 42 channels simultaneously recorded live to accomodate tracking most any sized session live or on location.
For more information or to book your project call  (269) 326-0736 or
Email mike@mikecortson.com  
Saint Joseph, Michigan

It's all about the music! 

 We have a complete setup to handle full professional recording and mixing.  
I have worked in studios in Chicago and LA for several years before going into law.  
Now I'm back in Michigan.   
 Get your next album, live performance or other project done by someone who loves making hits. 
3 Tenors
Now serving the surrounding areas
Southwest Michigan
Grand Rapids
Northwest Indiana
Client List
Jordans & James
Ramsey Lewis
Ohio Players
Jim Peterik
The Emotions
Marvin Yancy & Chuck Jackson
Charles Stepney
Earth, Wind & Fire
Ben Branch
Ahmad Jamal
Jan Hammer Ken Scott
Gunnar and the Grizzly Boys
Carl Emroy
Clark Terry
Donnie Hathaway
Christy Davis
Jerry Butler
Stewart Beach
Al Bell
Stevie Wonder
Della Reese
Dick Gregory
Cleve Eaton
Phil Upchurch
Benjamin F. Wright
Bruce Swedien
George Massenburg
Chuck Colbert
Rev. James Cleveland
Rep. Walter Fauntroy
Fred White
Michael Davis
Don Myrick
Louis Satterfield
Phyllis St. James
Calvin Carter
The Dells
Eddie Thomas
Curtis Mayfield
Paul Serrano
Jim Hirsen
Gina McLaughlin
Venitia Sekema
Richard Evans
Danny Dine
The VS Band
Jim St. James
Tom (Tom Tom ’84) Washington
Skip Birdsong
Steve Kampe
Mike Struwin
Herb Graham
The Chuck Jagers
Gary Gears
Herb Kent
Riely O'Connor and Molly B.
Monte Bleu
Ed Bennett
Christina Athena
Jane Pellouchoud
Michael Kennedy & The Concern
Coca Cola
Burger King
United Airlines
Continental Airlines
Royal Crown
Miller Brewing
Keller & Keller
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